Enchanted Polish October 2015

I will never forget the day I ordered this polish. I had just received the email from Enchanted three days prior and immediately set my alarm on my phone. October 10th at 8am. I knew that I would probably be busy that day helping my parents with the Young Eagles program they volunteer with. 8am would be well before any of the activities started so I good to go. The day arrives and I’m at home getting ready to leave and know that the pre-orders are about to open. I wait for them to start. Wait some more. Then wait some more. I knew something was wrong when it was 830am and I was running late getting to mom’s house and they still hadn’t posted on the website.

So I go back to find the email and verify the times. Yes the date was correct and I checked the clock on my phone and several others in the house. Yes it was after 8am. So why hadn’t they posted yet?! I was starting to get upset. On the way there it hit me. I had figured the posting time wrong. I was figuring the 10am to be central time so pacific time would be 8am. Not that pacific time was 10am so it would be posting at noon central time. Duh!! I felt like an idiot! I now know why there is a note about checking the time zones. What a dummy! So now I panic for another reason. Mom’s house doesn’t have great internet inside her house and hardly anything outside as well. We would be spending most of the day outside. How was I supposed to order these polishes. I knew that if I didn’t get them ordered right away I was going to forget and then really be ticked at myself. I get to mom’s and tell her my trouble. Both my parents proceed to laugh at me. Really?! I didn’t want to be laughed at. This was serious business. I WANTED THOSE POLISHES!

I turned the volume up on my phone all the way so I would be able to hear it go off while outside. Noon came and I didn’t hear my phone but I felt it vibrating in my pocket. I pulled it out and realized that I had forgotten to take off the silence button on the side. I felt like the world was out to get me.

One bar of signal and 15 minutes later my order for all three months available went through. Huge sigh of relief. This order has taught me a few things. Double check time zones, double check ringer on phone and make sure you are in an area with signal.


About the polish:
Brand: Enchanted
Year: 2015
# of coats shown: 2
Color description: Deep black cream with scattered holographic
Color Family: Black
Finish: Gloss
Opaque?: Yes
Staining: None
Can it be stamped?: N/A
Watermarble?: N/A
Limited Edition: Yes

I don’t find it so unique that you cannot find something like it but if you come across it I would recommend it. Enchanted Polish as a brand is known for limited quantities and their polishes either keep their value or increase with time.

Purchased with my own money.

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