Netflix & Chill

I have a new to me brand for you today. I had no intentions of purchasing any polishes during the last Black Friday but I got sucked in. It doesn’t help that people on IG and FB were posting left and right the deals they were seeing. Oh the poorly built wall I had created to avoid temptation didn’t hold for long.

I have to say that I only knew Glisten & Glow sold HK Girl TC. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I was browsing IG and came across a post showing they made polishes too. I went to their website and found some beauties but nothing caught my eye at the time. Fast forward to Black Friday and I see they are having a HK Girl TC sale. I immediately add the TC’s to my cart and see that they are offering two different Black Friday polishes only. Now when someone dangles the carrot like that in front of my face I have to see what they are offering. Polishes offered for one day only?! You know they will be limited in quantity. Netflix & Chill was one of the polishes being offered for Black Friday only for $5.00 only. $5.00? They had my attention. Let me say the pictures didn’t do it justice. When I first received this polish I couldn’t get past the holo coming from that bottle. Was it brown? Was it dark purple? I couldn’t really tell and it didn’t matter because I was in LOVE!

Two coats and this polish is opaque. I topped it off with the HK Girl TC and the holo doesn’t seem to dull at all. This is one purchase that I’m happy pushed through the Black Friday wall.

Brand: Glisten & Glow
Name: Netflix & Chill
Color: Purple Brown
Finish: Holographic
Coats to Opaque: 2
Collection: Black Friday Special
Season/Year: 2015
Limited Edition: Yes
Where to Purchase: N/A
Keep or Destash: Keep


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