Square Hue January 2016 The Adventure Collection

I have been subscribed to Native War Paints monthly subscription for a couple months and wanted to see what other subscriptions were out there. I still have my Native War Paints subscription and haven’t really formed an opinion on them yet but was looking for something else to add to it. I found Square Hue from YT’er BonitaJuanita. She has posted the entire 2015 Decades collection.

What I like about Square Hue so far is every year is a new theme that is broken into 12 monthly collections. After the year is over every collection is supposed to add to the overall theme. In the end you end up with 24 or 36 polishes for an overall collection. I also like the fact that each month you get a card that talks about that 2-3 polish collection and also the month the polish was released is also printed on the bottom of the bottle along with the name.

The disappointment so far…I searched for coupons and codes to use to see what deals I could receive. I only found the 50% off your first box deal so that is what I took. It wasn’t until after I had ordered the box that I received an email telling me about a “special collection” box that I could get when signing up. I would have gladly paid the full 21.00 for the first month in order to receive the additional polishes. To me that was a no brainer. So that was a slight disappointment. I may email the company and see if I can buy the special collection box outright.

January was the start of a new collection called The Adventure Collection. The clue that was given was a girl standing on rocks looking out over a beautiful lake with forest on either side. There were three boxes to give clues to the polishes that you would receive. Upon receiving the box I knew a little about what to expect. There was a card inside to use as a swatch keeper that showed the polish names, a place to swatch them, that months theme and the clue picture that was on the website. On the back of the card it talks about the location where the picture was from and a little about the place. There was packing filler and then three securely placed polishes. I opted for the three polishes per month.

The first polish is called Lake Louise. This is a frosted light blue color and the sheerest of the three. I didn’t use a base color so I could see if opacity could be reached with a gradient mani. Three coats and this color was opaque.

The second polish is called Lodgepole Pine. This is a dark forest green that is high gloss in finish. I didn’t have the color on long enough to see if it stained but the thought did cross my mind as I was applying it. Two coats and this polish is opaque.

The third polish is called Johnston Canyon. This is a light cream color that is also has a high gloss finish. This is the only color that I tested on my thumb to see how opaque it was and I was surprised that this was a OCW(one coat wonder). Johnston Canyon applied like a dream and gave me hope to the coming collections.



Overall I am satisfied with these polishes and are happy they are in my collection. I will say that I am more drawn to the cream and forest green than I am to the light blue.





Shipping: Received an email on 12/30 notifying me that my order had shipped and received on 1/2. Not bad for a four day turn around that was also around the holidays.

Likely to continue: Yes I will check out a few more months to see if the same quality continues.

Likely to recommend: Its hard to say after just one box but so far its been mostly positive.




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