Nine Zero Lacquer- January 2016 & KB Shimmer- Berry Patch

I received both of these polishes within a couple days of each other and knew that they would be a great match. Either could be worn separately but if i want to get some of my untrieds taken care of then I need to wear more than one polish at a time to make a dent.

January 2016 is the first polish in Jess’s polish of the month collection she is offering. I’m so glad that I looked at Nine Zero Lacquers IG account because I would have probably missed out on this polish. My polish gods worked with me that day. 🙂 January looks like Concord and Candy Apple had a perfect little polish baby. It has a great balance of pink and purple that it could be matched with either.

I used two coats to make this polish opaque. It has a texture too it and could still be felt after the Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat was used. Overall though this is a great formula.

KB Shimmer is a new indie brand for me to try. I was drawn in by the mystery box she was offering for a short time on her site. I received five polishes, a mani bomb, bar of soap along with a nail file. The price couldn’t be better at 26.00. (No longer available)

It took three thin coats and I could still see the nail line in places. Its not unbearable by any means and still a really great polish in my opinion. I will be keeping this one. Good formula even if it was a bit thin and did not pool or pull when applied.



Brand: Nine Zero Lacquer
Name: January 2016
Color: Purple Pink
Finish: Holo
Coats to Opaque: 2
Collection: Polish of the Month
Season/Year: 2016
Limited Edition: Yes
Where to Purchase: Nine Zero Lacquer (during Jan 2016 only)
Keep or Destash: Keep

Brand: KB Shimmer
Name: Berry Patch (created because of her daughters love of berry smoothies)
Color: Purple Pink Crelly with fuchsia, holo, blue glitter
Finish: Crelly with glitter
Coats to Opaque: 3-4
Collection: Core collection polish
Season/Year: 2012?
Limited Edition: Not on the website anymore but it appears to have been available for a long time
Where to Purchase: KB Shimmer (if its still available)
Keep or Destash: Keep



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