Pure Ice Peony

Pure Ice is a brand that I haven’t worn in awhile so I wanted to give them some love. Most of my Pure Ice polishes are pink so I didn’t have a huge color selection. Its not a brand that I really take notice of when they release new collections. It was only recently that I realized they had collections.

Pure Ice Peony is a frosty pink and one that I’ve had for a long time. Some may consider this a Barbie pink. Two coats and this polish is opaque but it leaves you with brush strokes even after the polish has dried.

Pure Ice Never Satisfied is a clear based glitter polish with shifting dark blue to aqua small glitters with purple/pink/gold larger glitter throughout. This polish coats really well and I had no issue pulling any of the glitters out of the bottle with normal application.

Brand: Pure Ice
Name: Peony
Color: Pink
Finish: Frost
Coats to Opaque: 2
Collection: Core
Season/Year: n/a
Limited Edition: no
Where to Purchase: Walmart
Keep or Destash: On the fence

Brand: Pure Ice
Name: Never Satisfied
Color: Blue/Aqua, Purple/Pink/Gold
Finish: Glitter
Coats to Opaque: topper
Collection: n/a
Season/Year: 2013
Limited Edition: Couldnt be determined
Where to Purchase: N/A
Keep or Destash: Keep








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