2016 Resolution Review- January

Each month I want to review my resolutions that I set for 2016 and see if I am accomplishing any of them. Are there any that I need to work on and are there any that I have no chance in completing or possibly need to alter.

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  • Nail Blog
    • Yes, I have been posting more and I have changed the look of the blog to something I believe I am more happy with at the moment.
  • Untried Polish
    • That is all I have been wearing with the exception of some glitter toppers. I just cant get away from them. I believe the random polish generator will help with lessening my use of them.
  • Collections/Dupes
    • Sinful Colors is the only exception that I have to this rule. Their polsihes are very afforable and they were my first polishes I started collecting. Yes, I will continue to buy the entire collection of polishes that I do not own. Otherwise I have been keeping up with my resolution and seeking out only polishes that catch my eye and are unique to me.
  • Nail Art
    • Um…I think about it if that counts.  I wont give any excuses. I just need to do it.
  • Creating Nail Vinyls/cuticle oil/mani bombs
    • Yup, I haven’t started that either.
  • Swatching and cataloging
    • Yup behind on that too. It doesnt help that I bought a lot of polish from someone who was destashing twice and they have 50+ and 80+ polishes in each. I’m slow but trying to catch up.
  • New indies
    • Yes! KB Shimmer is a new to me brand that I tried in the month of January.
  • Destash
    • I know that I definitely will want to be destashing. With each blog post I have started noting if I want to keep it or destash it. So far there is only one polish on the list but with those large destashes I picked up there are some I will be adding to the list from them.

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