My January Mani’s

With the month of January already behind us I wanted to take a look back at all of the mani’s I had and see which one(s) I fell in love with and which one(s) I couldn’t wait to take off. I will start off with my least favorite mani and probably a polish I will end up putting in my destash.

Least favorite mani in January:
OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! was my least favorite mani this month. It was the color more than anything that I disliked about this polish. I love grey and I love greens but I don’t feel like this combo was a good one.

Favorite mani in January:
There were two favorites this month. Starrily Cyber Monday 2015 and FUN Lacquer Cheers to the Holidays(h). It figures that both are limited editions so I don’t know how easy it will be to get your hands on them and they are both purple polishes. I thought I had embraced the rainbow of colors but it appears that my soul still gets glossy eyed for purples. I loved purple as a kid and even had purple carpet in my room. Looking around my desk as I’m writing this I notice that I have a purple pen, purple charging cable for my phone and purple nail clippers. Yikes! Maybe I have been fooling myself all these years. lol.

So what was your favorite and least favorit mani for January?

Nails this month

  1. Essie- Cabana Boy and Color Club- Starry Temptress
  2. Cupcake Polish- Berry Good Looking
  3. Square Hue- January 2016 box. Hike Banff
  4. OPI- Press * for Silver and Revlon- Stunner
  5. Sonia Kashuk- Jewel Orchid
  6. Butter London- Slapper and Avon- Opalescence
  7. ILNP- Serene
  8. Starrily- Cyber Monday 2015
  9. OPI- Umpires Com Out at Night and OPI- Havent the Foggiest
  10. Revlon- Hypnotic and NWP We’re All Misfits
  11. Different Dimension- Blue Shift
  12. Essie- Starry Starry Night
  13. Julep- Sylvia and China Glaze- Fairy Dust
  14. Wet n Wild- Eggplant Frost
  15. Del Sol- After Party
  16. Sally Hansen Extreme- Out for Oxblood and OPI- Black Label
  17. Sinful Colors- Courtney Orange and Starrily- Gumballs
  18. Sinful Colors- Precious Metal
  19. NWP- Coffee with Lots of Cream and Sugar/NWP Cup of Joe
  20. FUN Lacquer- Cheers to the Holidays (H)
  21. Sinful Colors Tahiti Breeze, Love Sprinkles, Boogie Nights
  22. Nine Zero lacquer- January 2016 and KB Shimmer Berry Patch
  23. Sinful Colors- Matte About Blue, Super Star
  24. OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! and Orly- Androgynie
  25. Sinful Colors- Happy Ending, Green Ocean
  26. Salon Perfect- Exploded and Wet N Wild- D’oh

My favorites of the month
My least favorite of the month

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