Sinful Colors Happy Ending & Green Ocean

Green. It’s a color that I feel like I haven’t worn in awhile so I decided I needed a green mani. I know that I have worn both of these polishes before but it was before I started keeping track.

Happy Ending  has 2 coats shown but could have added 3-4 coats. I felt like the formula was very thin and watery. Easy to flood cuticles if not careful. Cleanup was easy because it was so thin. This polish has a nice fine shimmer finish.

Green Ocean is a jelly polish with iridescent flakes and green hex glitter. One coat is all I applied so I didn’t have bulk on my nail. This polish seems to love topcoat. It took two coats of topcoat to smooth it out.

Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Happy Ending
Color: Green
Finish: Shimmer
Coats to Opaque: Mostly opaque at 2 coats, 3-4 preferred
Collection: Core
Season/Year: N/A
Limited Edition: No
Where to Purchase: Walgreen’s/Target
Keep or Destash: Keep



Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Green Ocean
Color: Green
Finish: Jelly with glitter
Coats to Opaque: N/A
Collection: Core
Season/Year: Released 2011
Limited Edition: It was, but its now Core
Where to Purchase: Walgreens
Keep or Destash: Keep

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