My February Mani’s

February is a short month but I really feel like this month flew by. Work has been extra busy and so has my personal life. So many to do’s it hard to keep them all straight. I live for the couple nights I had when there was nothing on my list. March is starting out to be a busy month as well. Well onto the polish…

I really wanted this to be the month where I was able to change my polish daily but that just didn’t happen. I had a couple days where I was naked and a couple where I wore the same polish for more than a day. This definitely does not help my 2016 goals any.

Sinful Colors definitely dominated this months mani’s. They had several new collections released at once. ShamRock Out, Play Your Cards Right, Play In A Spring Wonderland and the SinfulShine King Kylie collection. By my count that’s 34 new polishes. Of course I had to find them all. Sinful Colors is the only brand I will go on the hunt for the entire collection of new polishes when they are released.

Least favorite mani in February:
Pure Ice- Peony and Pure Ice- Never Satisfied was my least favorite. I think it was the frosty finish of Peony. I just wasn’t feeling it.

Favorite mani in February:
SinfulShine- Smoke & Mirrors. I LOVED THIS MANI! I didn’t want to take it off the next day. When I heard there were three more foil finishes in the same display I went the next day and bought them.

Nails this month

  1. Bardot- 62 and Enchanted Polish- Instant Galaxy
  2. OPI- Ro-man-ce on the Moon and Nine Zero Lacquer- Sparkle All The Things (Gold)
  3. Pure Ice- Peony and Pure Ice- Never Satisfied
  4. Sinful Colors- Feel The Vibe, Endless Blue, Garden Party, Coffee and Snow Me White
  5. L’Oreal- Flashing Lilac
  6. Nine Zero Lacquer- February 2016
  7. ILNP- Summer Stargazing
  8. ILNP- Purple Plasma and Sinful Colors- Cream Pink
  9. OPI- O Suzi Mio and Funky Fingers- Teen Spirit
  10. OPI- Show Us Your Tips!
  11. SinfulShine- Smoke & Mirrors
  12. Sinful Colors- Sugar High
  13. SinfulShine- Mystical Glare
  14. SinfulShine- True Kolor
  15. SinfulShine- Koko-Nuts
  16. SinfulShine-Knight Out
  17. SinfulShine- Minty Fresh
  18. Painted Polish- Holo Haze

My favorite this month

My least favorite this month 



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