2016 Resolution Review- February

Each month I want to review my resolutions that I set for 2016 and see if I am accomplishing any of them. Are there any that I need to work on and are there any that I have no chance in completing or possibly need to alter.

Click here if you want to see the original post or here if you want to see how I did in January.

  • Nail Blog
    • This month I was horrible at keeping up with not only my blog but with Instagram and Facebook as well. Life and work definitely got in the way. I realized that I needed a planner of some kind to keep me organized since I was having a hard time remembering everything that I needed to get done and had done already. This should also help with my time management as well. Fingers crossed.
  • Untried Polish
    • Every polish i wore was an untried but with the four collections that Sinful Colors put out back to back it was hard to try any old polishes in my collection. I’m thinking that there may be days where I need to have a swatch fest so I can try out several polishes.
  • Collections/Dupes
    • Yes i believe I have done well in this area during February. I did buy all 34 polishes that Sinful Colors released but refrained from buying other collections that had come out, mainly indie brands.
    • Since I want to try a new indie brand every month this year that is always in the back of my mind. Instead of buying a whole collection I am looking at what each indie has to offer in terms of formulas. What are they known for and what formulas catch my eye.
  • Nail Art
    • I think I tried nail art once this month? That’s all that comes to mind anyways. Because of the planner purchase I have been becoming more familiar with my Silhouette machine so I should be able to start producing more nail vinyls.
  • Swatching and cataloging
    • I have a three tier plastic organizer that stores all of my polish that needs to be swatched and cataloged. This month I was able to completely catalog and swatch one tier. I would say that’s some progress.
  • New Indies
    • Yes, Painted Polish was a new brand for me this month. I bought four polishes and have tried two of them so far. I have to saw they will be on my watch list.
  • Destash
    • i keep going back and forth about this. One day I will be all for a destash but then another day I want to keep them all. Ugh. I see the pros and cons to both. They weigh about the same to me. The inner turmoil continues.

February was a tough month for me. It was short and busy.

Thanks for reading!


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