Sinful Colors Sugar High

What are your thoughts on textured polish? I love the look of them but it’s almost painful to wear for more than a day. Unfortunately this polish wasn’t any different.Thankfully the beauty of it more than made up for it.

Sinful Colors Sugar High is a bright shimmery textured polish. Two coats to opaque. Like other textured polishes this one loves to eat top coat. I added two coats of top coat and I could still feel the texture. If you love blue, love shimmer or love texture then this polish may be for you. Better pick it up before it runs out since its limited edition.


Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Sugar High
Color: Blue
Finish: Shimmy Texture
Coats to Opaque: 2
Collection: Live in Colorland
Season/Year: Spring 2016
Limited Edition: Yes
Where to Purchase: Walgreen Store
Keep or Destash: Keep



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