Pre-St. Paddy’s Mani

Sunday night I was finally able to sit down and create a fast simple St. Patrick’s Day mani. Sunday seemed to fly by and before I knew it the time was 6pm. I needed to get my mani done so it could be added to a group photo for one of the fb groups I’m in. Definitely not what I planned to create but it did set me down the path of sorting my polish by color instead of brand in my Melmer drawers. Yay! I was getting tired of having them separated by brand so I was looking through several drawers to find the perfect green polish.

Now let’s look at the mani.

Because of my time crunch I opted to use several different polishes. Because the polishes were only used on one finger I have little to no opinion about any of them at this point. Most of the polishes are still available except where noted.

Index finger: Nine Zero Lacquer- March 2016  is from their polish of the month series. Green holographic micro glitter polish. Surprisingly this polish took three coats to achieve this color but applied smoothly.

Middle finger: Painted Polish- Celtic Crelly that can be purchased as part of a trio or separately for St. Paddy’s Day. A beautiful white crelly with green and gold micro glitter infused. Application was a little thick but nothing polish thinner wouldn’t take care of. Opaque in two coats.

Ring finger: Sinful Shine Kreme de la Kreme from the Kylie Jenner collection. This gold metallic shimmer could almost be a one coater. It applys smoothly but any cleanup can leave shimmer hanging around the nail. Two coats were applied.

Pinky finger: Glam Polish- Cash or Credit? from their Balck Friday special. Sold in a dup along with Cha-Ching. This is a green/gold micro glitter polish that will have a slight texture once dried. I did not feel like this polish eats top coat like some textured polishes can. Two coats were applied.

Thumb: Sinful Colors- Peppered Amazon. A fantastic one coater! It applied so smoothly and completely opaque that I was scared it would stain my nails when I removed it. (It did not stain btw) I applied this polish last and really wished I had just used this polish. I may be wearing this polish as a complete mani on St. Paddy’s Day.

Shamrock Glitter: Sinful Colors- Feeling Lucky? I had to shake this polish and leave it sitting upside down to let the gold shamrocks fall within fishing distance. I only applied these glitters to one had since I knew they would be a snagging hazard for my hair and clothing. I think those shamrocks help pull this mani together and help give it more of a St. Paddy’s Day mani.

What did you wear for St. Patrick’s Day?


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