Vapid- Who Needs Luck?

I have another green polish for you today. This month, my new to me indie was Vapid Lacquer. I have been hearing a lot about this brand recently so I decided I would check them out.

Two websites popped up when I googled them. Of course I chose the wrong one (big cartel) first. Their website was easy to navigate and you could shop by finish. They also have a section for bath products, body care and nail appliques. Their bath products are mostly bath bars but they have a tonic, serum and a face cleanser. The bath products section has body bars in a stick form, body lotion and a mousse. There are five nail appliques to choose from as well.

This time my interest was strictly on the nail polish. I knew of one polish that I wanted to purchase already so I just needed to see if there was anything that caught my eye. I believe Vapid went through a bottle change recently since several pictures on the website had a round bottle and a few had a square bottle. I can see where this change could irk someone who has both bottle types and is a little OCD. It doesn’t bother me so much but I can tell you I like the look of the square bottles over the round ones. I ended up picking out Who Needs Luck? as my second polish and went to check out.

I paid through Paypal and received an email right away stating that they created an account for me and also my order confirmation. So far so good. Well, by Friday the 26th I hadn’t received any other notification to show that it had shipped. Did I mention that I ordered this on February 21st? So that’s when I went back to the website to check on my order. Had I been paying attention I probably would have seen the message on the home page stating a 5-10 M-F day turn around time. Ugh! It didn’t say if that also included shipping so I knew it was going to take awhile to receive my order. Bummer. On February 29th I finally received a shipping email. Thankfully it only took a couple days to receive the package in the mail.

Now onto what I think of the polish. Application went on smooth and took two coats to be opaque.The pictures don’t show it but this is a holo polish. It’s not an extreme holo polish which is why I feel like this polish is sorta meh in my opinion. I will still look at this indie brand from time to time but I will definitely do more research on the polish of interest before I purchase again. I just feel like the world of the small time holo polishes are done. We have evolved to mega holos and that’s what catches my eye.

In conclusion if you are looking for a mega holo to blow your mind then this isnt the polish you want. If you want a nice vibrant green with a little holo impact then you can add this one to that list.

Brand: Vapid Lacquer
Name: Who Needs Luck?
Color: Green
Finish: Holo
Coats to Opaque: 2
Where to Purchase: Vapid Lacquer
Keep or Destash: Keep for now but possible destash

I hope this doesn’t sway you from checking out Vapid Lacquer but I do highly recommend looking at several swatches before buying to make sure its what you really want.

Bye for now,


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