Glitter Daze- Shipload of Seamen (Deep Blue Sea)

I signed up for another subscription service. Yes, this is my fourth nail polish subscription. I am hooked! I love receiving mystery polishes in the mail. I love it even more when I’m not expecting it.

Glitter Daze has a monthly subscription service called Daze of the Month. Each month a limited edition polish is created just for those subscribed. Along with the polish you receive one extra gift. It could be anything from nail art items, hand care or something edible. This years theme, and what made me want to sign up, is Under the Sea. You will be billed automatically  each month or you have the option to just purchase that current months box without subscribing. I wish I had jumped on this sooner and purchased January’s box but if I ever see it on a destash I WILL be buying it.

The polish for March 2016 is a gorgeous cobalt blue with tons of multi sized glitter. The base is jelly but because of the glitter it will leave a textured finish. Its hard to tell but the glitters are either all holographic or a mix of holographic and silver glitters. Either way this polish is stunning on the nails. It has so much depth to it.

I highly recommend a peel off base coat for this polish unless you want to spend days trying to remove it. I’m thankful that my gel covered natural nails allow for easy removal for most polishes but this still took several scrubs to get it off the nail.

All in all this is a fantastic first impression from Glitter Daze and makes me excited to other polishes for them.


Brand: Glitter Daze
Name:Shipload of Seamen/Deep Blue Sea
Color: Colbalt Blue w/ holo glitter
Finish: Micro glitter jelly polish- textured
Coats to Opaque: 2
Collection: Daze of the Month
Season/Year: March 2016- Under the Sea theme
Limited Edition: Yes
Where to Purchase: GlitterDaze
Keep or Destash: Keep

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