Glam Polish True Colors

I have jumped on the indie train and for now have no plans to exit the ride. I made it my goal to try a new to me indie this year and as a result I’ve become a little obsessed. No, I’m not complaining. In fact I wish I would have done this sooner. What took me so long?

Today I want to talk about Glam Polish. Its an Australian base indie that started in 2011. The ship to both Europe and the US through local distributors. This means that you don’t have to wait weeks to receive your polish because its already passed customs. Yay! The costs per polish range from 11.00-12.00 per bottle. Shipping is 3.50 for the first polish and 1.00 for each additional. So I feel like they are still right in line with other indie brands based out of the US. As for the selection…If you love holo, jelly, neon or flaky polish to name a few then you need to check them out.

My first purchase included this beauty from the nine piece Summer 2015 release Gleek collection. Its inspired from the TV show Glee. I only picked up one polish from this collection but I have my eye on a couple others. True Colors is a pinky lavender linear holographic polish. Try saying that 10x fast. The application of this polish is divine and was completely opaque in two coats.

If you are looking to add to your indie collection and haven’t checked out Glam Polish I highly recommend them. 

Brand: Glam Polish
Name: True Colors
Color: Pinky Lavender
Finish: Linear Holo
Coats to Opaque: 2
Collection: Gleek
Season/Year: Summer 2015
Where to Purchase: Glam Polish
Keep or Destash: Keep

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