Sinful Colors Kommotion

Sinful Colors is the only drugstore brand I “collect”. When I heard they were coming out with a Kylie Jenner 63 polish collection I was both excited and worried. Excited because of the amount of new releases they would have. Worried because I knew what a challenge it was going to be to find all these little beauties and what damage it was going to do on my bank account.

Today I have one of the polishes from the Trend Matters collection. This was the second collection released and the largest to be released. Thirty polishes in all. YIKES!

Kommotion is a periwinkle purple polish with a demi-matte finish. What is demi-matte? The easiest way I think of it is a satin finish. Its the area between gloss and matte polish. Some absolutely love it. For me, I’m a gloss or high gloss girl all the way. I did recently wear a matte polish and added a matte top coat and actually loved it. Don’t let me misguide you. I absolutely love the matte look but on me it just doeskin look that great. That’s why I tend to stay in gloss land. Wow, I really got off track with this post. Let’s get back to it. Most of the Kylie Jenner polishes released so far have a gold shimmer to it. Kommotion is no exception and let me tell you its gorgeous! The addition of gold shimmer to this polish almost gives it a frost look. I applied two coats to make it opaque and then added a glossy quick dry top coat.

So far I haven’t seen a polish from this KJ collection that I wish I hadn’t bought. But who am I kidding, because it’s Sinful Colors I will own it no matter what. If you happen to see this color I suggest giving it a looky loo and picking it up if it tickles your fancy.

Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Kommotion
Color: Periwinkle Purple
Finish: Shimmer
Coats to Opaque: 2
Collection: Kylie Jenner Trend Matters
Season/Year: Spring 2016
Limited Edition: Yes
Where to Purchase: Target and Walgreens to name a couple
Keep or Destash: Keep

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