Sinful Colors Hot Chili, Sin-Ammon, All About You

I was moving around some of my polish last night and came across these polishes sitting next to each other. I must have subconsciously realized they would look great together. For once it was only seconds to determine my next manicure instead of eons(exaggerated). I know that I have worn Sinful Colors Hot Chili before … Continue reading Sinful Colors Hot Chili, Sin-Ammon, All About You


Bling Biscuit Lacquer- Soul Sistah! Review

Dragon fruit. It's the image that popped into my head when I first saw this polish. Call me crazy but its what I see. That's one of the things that attracted me to the polish when I first saw it. The other thing was the company name. Bling Biscuit Lacquer. Never heard of it. When … Continue reading Bling Biscuit Lacquer- Soul Sistah! Review

Remember When…SinfulShine Skinny Dipping

While doing some research today for this blog post I was surprised to find that the original release of the Sinful Colors SinfulShine collection had a very short life before being discontinued from Walgreen's. They were first released early 2013 and by September 2014 the display was already being discontinued from Walgreen's. Wow! Thankfully Walmart started … Continue reading Remember When…SinfulShine Skinny Dipping