2016 Resolution Review- August


I cant believe that its been 6 months since I posted an update on my 2016 nail resolutions. I had planned on keeping a monthly update so I would hopefully stay on track. Oops. But I’m here now so lets see how I’ve done.

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  • Nail Blog
    • I went back and read my review for February and it seems like I still have the same issues. Work and life in general are getting in the way. I recently started using a bullet journal and I think it may help me stay on track and organized.
  • Untried Polish
    • I have done really well with this resolution. Although I do admit that it isnt a hard one to follow since most of my collection is untried. But hey, it counts right?
  • Collections/Dupes
    • I have done great with this one as well except for the Essie summer collection. I loved them all so I had to buy them all.
  • Nail Art
    • FAIL! Yes, some of this is poor planning on my part. The time to paint my nails is limited so including nail art in it is slim. Creating a daily schedule and planning out my weeks manicures would help.
  • Cuticle Oil/Mani Bombs/Nail Vinyls
    • I have failed in this one as well. I still continue to purchase items for each project but I have yet to sit down and actually focus on getting them done.
  • Swatching and cataloging
    • I am happy to report that I am on top of this. I have stopped swatching all of my polishes since I realized that I wasn’t using the swatch sticks after painting them. Instead I bought a reusable swatch wheel and I have been using this when I want to compare polishes. Its been working out so much better. I just wish I had found it before I put money and time into the 1000+ swatches I have sitting around. What should I do with them?
  • New Indies
    • I have tried a couple new indie brands. Glitter Daze is a new one to me this year that I have fallen for. There was also a local polish swap a couple months ago and I was able to pick up several new to me indies. Some are not even in business anymore but I’m still excited to try them out.
  • Destash
    • I have really well with destashing even though it doesn’t seem like I have made a dent at all. At our local polish swap I was able to offload more polish that I brought home. Another destash may need to happen soon since my storage is getting low on room for new polishes.

So did you create long forgotten resolutions? How did you rate against your own resolutions? Are you going to start a new resolution?

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