Sinful Colors Liquid Iris

Sinful Colors has hit it out of the park for me with the late summer/early fall release of the Faceted Illusions collection. This 9 piece collection is sure to have something everyone will like. Today I have one of these beauties to show you.

Liquid Iris was a little elusive for me when I first found the collection at Walgreen’s. The display hadn’t even been put up, but my Walgreen’s Beauty Advisor knows what I’m looking for when I walk in. She pulled this display from the back and we went to work on unloading the polishes. I thought I had found all of them since 8 seems to be the norm for their all new collections. I was surprised when I saw that there was a 9th polish that I didn’t have. I went back to Walgreen’s a couple days later to give them a chance to put up the display and found my missing polish. Yay! Happy dance.


This beautiful blurple is a must have in my opinion. It almost has a metallic finish to it and the purple flash/duochrome likes to tease by staying almost out of sight when moving my nails around. I do feel like I was able to capture that purple flash in the bottle shot since my nails failed me in their photography session. (Yes, start singing “I’m a model, you know what I mean” song in your head. Hooked? Good that’s what happened to me when I wrote the words “photography session” about my nails.haha)

Two coats is all it took to become opaque and like with most Sinful Colors polish the formula went on smooth and clean up was a breeze.


Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Liquid Iris
Color: Blurple
Finish: Metallic/Duochrome
Coats to Opaque: 2
Collection: Faceted Illusions
Season/Year: Late Summer/Early Fall 2016
Limited Edition: Yes
Where to Purchase: Walgreens
Keep or Destash: Keep

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