Sinful Colors Silver Silvers

I’m excited to show you a polish from Sinful Colors fall Fashion Flash collection. This recently released 8 piece collection is packed with jewel toned pretties. Each of these polishes are jelly based and packed with small hex glitters and “Luxe Fragments”. The “Luz Fragments” are metallic mono-chromatic flakies that really shine both in the bottle and on the nail.

Every one of these polishes are perfect to wear for fall and those last days of summer. Because of the glitter and metallic flakies you will have a slight textured/bumpy finish that a heavy top coats will take care of. I had no issues with tacoing and had a nice distribution of glitter and flakies with each brush stroke. The color darkens with each coat added and I was able to get the polish opaque in 3 coats. I also didn’t feel like the 3 coats were heavy on the nails. Clean up around the nail was also a breeze. I can’t reall speak to how easy the polish is to remove since I use a peel off base coat.

I believe this is the first time Sinful Colors has released a collection made entirely of jelly polishes as well as a first to have metallic flakies “Luxe Fragments” in every one of them.

I love every color in this collection and can’t wait to wear them all.

Did you pick of these beauties up? What are your thoughts?

Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Silver Silvers
Color: Grey
Finish: Jelly w/flakies
Coats to Opaque: 3
Collection: Fashion Flash
Season/Year: Fall 2016
Limited Edition: Yes
Where to Purchase: Walgreens
Keep or Destash: Keep

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