Hard Candy- Scam

I have an oldie for you today. Well it’s an oldie of an oldie. Confused yet? In 2015 Hard Candy celebrated 20 years by releasing some old polishes for a special anniversary collection. I don’t know exactly how many were in this collection but I had my eye old for one polish that spoke to me. Scam. I searched high and low every time I went to Walmart hoping to see these polishes. I never saw any of them. It wasn’t until months later that I found a few in the clearance bid. Scam was among them. Still wrapped in plastic with its light purple jelly ring. I quickly grabbed it and put it in my cart. Victory!

It wouldn’t be until a couple years later that I would actually get around to swatching this polish. There is something about these red-purple polishes that shift to a deep blue that beg me to take them home. As I write this post there no less than 18 polishes I could put in this same color family. I am truly addicted to this color. You could say it’s my power color. It just occurred to me that I have never tried this color with a matte top coat. In my minds eye I always see it as a high gloss. Maybe someday I will try it out. I have no doubts it will still be beautiful.


Scam has a great formula and applies easily to the nail. Two coats and this polish is opaque and ready for a top coat. Cleanup was easy but be careful not to get it on the skin. I didn’t have issues but this deep a color may stain some people. Just to set it off even more I added a little stamping as an accent. I used Moyra stamping plate 03- Ornaments and Mundo de Unas 16 Lilac stamping polish. The light purple compliments it perfectly.


If by chance you come across this polish or any polish in this same color family I suggest giving them a try. You never know it may be your power color too.


Brand: Hard Candy
Name: Scam
Color: Red-Purple with Blue Shift
Finish: Shimmer
Coats to Opaque: 2
Collection: Hard Candy 20th Anniversary
Season/Year: 2015
Limited Edition: Yes
Where to Purchase: Walmart, Destash
Keep or Destash: Keep

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