Sinful Colors Boho Beat

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Today I have the Boho Beat collection for you. A trio of polishes released mid to late March from Sinful Colors. This trio has been a little hard to find for several of us SC lovers since it is as not released in Walgreens stores. Thankfully, a polish friend found a well stocked display in her neck of the woods so I was able to purchase them from her.

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There were three new polishes in this collection and four previously released polishes along with a clear coat.

The previously released polishes are Coco Bae, Forbitten Fruit, Taupe Is Dope and Berry Charm. The new polishes were We’re In Tents, Sunglasses At Night and Sundown Getdown.

Sunglasses At Night is a bright electric blue polish. This is the only cream polish in this trio. With a heavy application this polish could be a one coater for some. My preference is thin coats to give the polish a chance to dry. Clean up was easy and a little skin staining started to happen when I was removing my swatches.

This polish reminds me of Jolt but I believe SAN is just a tad darker. Maybe someone can throw out a comparison. I forget who it was but someone in our FB group compared SAN to Why Not and they are very similar. I still think it’s worth picking up if you come across it.

Sundown Getdown is my favorite with its orange-red glow. This polish borders on a neon in my book and has a purple shimmer running through it. I cannot recall any polishes that this one would be similar too from SC. This one also has a good formula and a solid two coat polish.

Last but not least we have We’re In Tents. This is the only polish I can remember the name to. A deep forest green polish with tiny silver flakies. When I first saw this polish it reminded me of Peppered Amazon but also a bit darker in color.

If you come across these polishes I recommend giving them a look and picking up one or all of them. You can’t beat the price and quality this collection has.

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