Sinful Colors- Winterstellar

It’s Monday again. This morning I can’t seem to shake my dark mood so I thought this polish was fitting. Beautiful but dark. This swatch would not have been possible without @kath_loves_nails on IG. She graciously found and shipped me several polishes to complete my Vanessa Hudgens collections. I can’t thank you enough! 😘 Just … Continue reading Sinful Colors- Winterstellar


Grace-Full Polish- Flash Bang Boom!

Happy Friday! Nothing better than the fire alarm going off at work to get the blood pumping on this chilly morning. 🔥🚨🚒 I thought this swatch of Flash Bang Boom! was appropriated or the day. From @hellahandmadecreations June 2018 release. Two coats to opaque. Products used: 🐒 Stick It Base Coat 🐒 Gracefull Nail Polish … Continue reading Grace-Full Polish- Flash Bang Boom!

Turtle Tootsie Polish- Pegasus

Last night I got one of the best nights sleep thanks to some thunderstorms rolling through. ⛈💦🌪⚡️This polish reminds me of a dark stormy night. Two coats to be opaque. Products used: 🐒 Stick It Base Coat 🐒 Turtle Tootsie Polishes Pegasus 🐒 OPC Nail Supply QD TC

Vapid- Swing By Jupiter

I didn’t realize this was a magnetic polish until after I applied it. So I did what anyone would do and removed it and reapplied it. 😁 Two coats to opaque. Products used: 🐒 Stick It Base Coat 🐒 @vapidlacquer Swing by Jupiter 🐒 OPC Nail Supply QD TC