China Glaze Creative Fantasy and China Glaze Grape Juice

Tonight my husband helped me sort the majority of my polishes into color families. He didn’t complain at all and asked on occasion what family a polish belonged to. His help reduced hours of labor for me. Because I had been looking at polishes for a couple hours I couldn’t decide on a color when … More China Glaze Creative Fantasy and China Glaze Grape Juice

Sally’s Haul

I have a Sally’s Beauty haul for you today. This last weekend they were having 50% off all clearance. What I originally planned as a one store looky-loo turned into going to four stores all across town.I found some really great deals. So let take a look. Sally’s #1: This is one of two Sally’s … More Sally’s Haul

Julep Sylvia

My first Julep! There have been numerous times where I have been on the Julep website and was just about to sign up for their subscription service when the cost always held me back. 14.00 for 8mL of polish is like buying half a Chanel polish. YIKES! Do you see now why I never pulled … More Julep Sylvia