Nine Zero Lacquer- Mango Sunrise

When the temperature is in the 70's for November who wants to wear fall colors? Heck I was even thinking about throwing on shorts. To help, I live in Kansas. Temperatures should be in the 40's to 50's with crisp air in the morning that wakes you up. Today was not one of those days … Continue reading Nine Zero Lacquer- Mango Sunrise

Sinful Colors Liquid Iris

Sinful Colors has hit it out of the park for me with the late summer/early fall release of the Faceted Illusions collection. This 9 piece collection is sure to have something everyone will like. Today I have one of these beauties to show you. Liquid Iris was a little elusive for me when I first … Continue reading Sinful Colors Liquid Iris

Remember When…SinfulShine Skinny Dipping

While doing some research today for this blog post I was surprised to find that the original release of the Sinful Colors SinfulShine collection had a very short life before being discontinued from Walgreen's. They were first released early 2013 and by September 2014 the display was already being discontinued from Walgreen's. Wow! Thankfully Walmart started … Continue reading Remember When…SinfulShine Skinny Dipping